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Dr. Shay was born and raised in Middle Tennessee. He achieved his Biochemistry Degree from MTSU before moving on to Chiropractic school in Atlanta at Life University. He coming from a family that were all in healthcare, he knew he was destined to be in the service of others’ health. He was following all his pre-med certifications at MTSU when his wife started suffering from severe back and leg pain from many years of dance. At the age of 19, he witnessed the standard medical approach go too far and quickly push his wife into two invasive surgeries that resulted in a fusion of her spine at an incredibly young age. It was later he learned that this was a miscarriage of proper health protocol, so he sought to bring a less aggressive and more holistic approach to his future patients. He found Chiropractic and it fit his philosophy perfectly.

After 6 years in practice, Dr. Shay has amassed over 60,000 treatments in a short amount of time. He has found himself in the most severe cases of congenital defects of the spine and body to the simplest cases of neck pain and headaches. Dr. Shay has cared for patients as refined as 104 years old to as fresh as 4 weeks old. From Athletes to CEO’s or Teachers to Horseback riders whomever the patient, he keeps his approach the same. Give them the information they need and their body what it requires to live life optimally. As he quotes often “The body was meant and designed to heal and maintain itself it just needs a little help sometimes.” No one is the same, but everyone gets the same amount of care in his hands. He looks forward to treating you!

Dr. Glenn, DC

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